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Vehicle Systems

Nexus® Vehicle Systems has been designing and manufacturing products for articulated vehicles since 1992. Today, we provide a full range of solutions that protect and prolong the life of spiral coils carrying air and electrical services, reduce health and safety concerns by enabling coupling from the ground level, and increase fuel efficiency by allowing a closer coupling of the truck and trailer.

We work closely with fleet operators to optimise their truck to trailer linkage solution, and are able to adapt our solution to accommodate any connectivity issues with a particular combination of truck and trailer.

  • A-Frames

    Elevate service coils to extend their active life by reducing wear and tear...

  • Sliding Bridges

    Use a sliding distribution plate attached to your truck to protect service...

  • Trailer Sliders

    Use a sliding distribution plate attached to your trailer headboard to protect..

  • Booms

    Run service cables along a pivoting arm to prevent coils tangling while turning...

Our automotive connection systems include A-Frames, booms and hydraulic booms, sliding bridges and trailer sliders, all engineered to the highest quality standard to ensure a long and reliable service with minimal maintenance.

All of our products are supplied with the highest quality anti-kink compact coils, which are designed to to minimise snagging, interlocking and breakage.

We also produce a range of products for the rail industry and regularly design new solutions for major rail and tram operators, with recent projects including bespoke pneumatic track brake adjusters and tea urn assemblies.