Nexus® A-Frames

  • Over time, unsupported spiral coils will relax and drop into the catwalk between the truck and trailer, allowing them to collect grease and dirt and putting them at greater risk of wear and tear. A Nexus® A-Frame is a simple but effective piece of apparatus that raises the coils above the catwalk and keeps them from snagging and dragging.
  • Nexus A-Frames are engineered to our exacting standards to give you excellent value for money over the lifetime of the product. They are supplied pre-wired for your type of truck and with the appropriate fitting kit for your truck/trailer combination.
  • As well as holding the coils above the catwalk, Nexus A-Frames are available with a range of stowage solutions to allow the driver easier access from the ground level (for safer coupling and uncoupling) and to keep the coils stored neatly away during solo running.

Nexus A-Frames at a glance

> Models to suit all truck/trailer combinations

> Supplied pre-wired and with an appropriate fitting kit

> Cables plug directly into existing connection points

> Flexible, anti-kink compact coil kits included as standard

Delivery, fitting, after sales
  • A-Frames

    A-Frames, reducing coil wear and tear

  • Booms

    Nexus booms and hydraulic Nexus booms

  • Sliding Bridges

    Standard and Dual Height Sliding Bridges

  • Trailer Sliders

    Fixed and Ground Access Trailer Sliders

  • Coils

    The latest kink-resistant compact coils