We produce a range of Nexus® products for the rail industry and regularly design new solutions for major rail and tram operators, with recent projects including bespoke pneumatic track brake adjusters and tea urn assemblies. We also support a large number of legacy rail products and retain the knowledge and expertise required to deal with any maintenance or refurbishment enquiries.

Recent products which we have designed and manufactured include the following:

Pneumatic Track Brake Adjuster

Our Track Brake Adjuster, which is available with either pneumatic or hydraulic fluids, allows the gap between the track brake and rail to be adjusted pneumatically or hydraulically without any disassembly of the vehicle. The system is currently operating on Milan, Porto and Turin trams

Gangway Curtain Adjusters

We designed and supplied Gangway Curtain Adjusters to Unipart Rail for their fleet of 165 trains. The carriage end of the trains has a gangway and faceplate that butts up to another identical unit. Our curtain adjusters allow the curtain sides of the sealed walkway formed by the two adjoining gangways to adjust as the train goes around corners.

Tea Urn Assemblies

On trains with catering facilities, staff are required to transfer hot water from a main water boiler into smaller hot water urns on the mobile catering trolleys that they steer through the carriages. Our Tea Urn Assembly provides a safe way of transferring the scalding water from the static boiler to the mobile urns