Nexus Sliding Bridges at a glance

> Models to suit all truck/trailer combinations

> Dual Height version to allow closer coupling with different trailer types

> Platform slides to one side for easier, safer coupling and uncoupling

> Accessible stowage points to assist with ground level coupling

> Flexible, anti-kink service compact coil kits included as standard

Delivery, fitting, after sales

Sliding Bridges

A Nexus® Sliding Bridge is a free flowing distribution plate that runs along a rail fixed to the tractor unit. When the vehicle turns the distribution plate slides horizontally along the rear of the cab, reducing the distance the spiral coils need to stretch and enabling much tighter turning circles. The driver can pull the distribution plate to one side to make it easier to couple and uncouple the trailer and, if a Nexus Trailer Slider is also fitted, the service coils can be connected and disconnected from ground level

Nexus Sliding Bridges are engineered to our exacting standards to give you excellent value for money over the lifetime of the product.

  • A-Frames

    A-Frames, reducing coil wear and tear

  • Booms

    Nexus booms and hydraulic Nexus booms

  • Sliding Bridges

    Standard and Dual Height Sliding Bridges

  • Trailer Sliders

    Fixed and Ground Access Trailer Sliders

  • Coils

    The latest kink-resistant compact coils