Nexus Trailer Sliders at a glance

> Models to suit all truck/trailer combinations

> Enable closer coupling to increase fuel efficiency

> Easy to slide aside when coupling and uncoupling

> Ground Access version for safer coupling and uncoupling

> Flexible, anti-kink compact coils included as standard

Delivery, fitting, after sales

Trailer Sliders

When articulated vehicles turn, any spiral coils running from the truck to the trailer will be stretched or squeezed as the vehicle corners. A Nexus® Trailer Slider has a free flowing distribution plate that is attached to the headboard of the trailer and moves from side to side, protecting the coils during the turn while enabling much tighter turning circles. The distribution plate can be easily pulled to the side of the vehicle to assist the driver when coupling or uncoupling.

Nexus Trailer Sliders fit most trailer types and enable you to couple the trailer very closely to the truck, thereby reducing the drag from the trailer and increasing the overall fuel efficiency of the vehicle. All of our Trailer Sliders are engineered to our exacting standards to ensure they continue to slide freely for the life of the vehicle with minimum maintenance.

  • A-Frames

    A-Frames, reducing coil wear and tear

  • Booms

    Nexus booms and hydraulic Nexus booms

  • Sliding Bridges

    Standard and Dual Height Sliding Bridges

  • Trailer Sliders

    Fixed and Ground Access Trailer Sliders

  • Coils

    The latest kink-resistant compact coils